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ethical fabrication company

we believe in taking an ethical and compassionate approach to  business which is why we are dedicated to using only building materials from companies that:

ethically source



free from child-labor


free from toxic chemicals

& have ethical working conditions for employees

why ethical business matters

as an ethical business, we try to vanish any negative impact our services and practices could make on society or the environment. we hold ourselves to a high moral code and promise our clients 100% pure transparency in the efforts.

our world is going through so much, and change is needed now. that change can only happen when we decide to put ethics over convenience. We strongly believe that if more business owners led by example and pledged to run ethical businesses, we could start seeing a greater chance at a more accelerated rate.

what efforts is designs by laconic taking?

The first step of action for us always starts with knowledge. We have spent countless hours researching and learning about suppliers and companies. In doing this research, we have found that the majority of easily accessible materials are produced by companies that do not live up to our ethical code.

the areas that we saw these large companies using unethical practices included:

animal testing

the use of child labor

using animal byproducts

unethical working conditions for employees

abuse of employees

lack of diversity in the workplace

unethically sourcing ingredients

the use of harmful toxins

not environmentally cautious

the unfortunate part about this is that is it seemed like 99% of any readily accessible product in a generic home improvement/construction store was by a company that abused one or more of the above unethical practices.

so the next step was to find new-age companies that have the same ethical code with even better quality products. we were happily surprised to find that there are so many great companies out there that we could partner with. to say we will never look back is an understatement.

after we figured out our suppliers, we then wanted to tackle the issue of deforestation. deforestation is one of the most significant threats to our world and having a clean, safe environment. we knew from the start that we would only source wooden materials from sustainable tree farms and not from suppliers who cut down forest after forest. however, we still didn't feel like that was enough so we decided that for every order placed, we would donate enough to plant between 20 - 100 tress through

one tree planted

lastly we wanted to make recycling easier for our customers, which is why we started our own little recycling program. our program is simple - once a design concept is finalized and materials are chosen we make it easy for our clients to know which materials are recyclable. We then offer to recycle those for them in the proper channels instead of them getting thrown in a garbage pile at the end of an event.

choosing to be an ethical business can be a monumental task, but we hope that we can help pave the way for future entrepreneurs and businesses to see that it doesn't have to be complicated.

as the world evolves and changes, you can trust that we will remain knowledgeable on any issues to ensure we will always be a business that puts ethics first.

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